Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Numbers (すうじ) & Counters - 3

As we are learning to count more and more, we should learn how to count higher and higher, so I made this chart to make it easier to understand:


  • Decimals are called ten てん, so to say 0.7, you'd say れいてんなな
  • Fractions are called bun ぶん, so to say half, you'd say ぶんの いち.

Now counting from a hundred doesn't mean that you just add a number with Hyaku, sometimes the sound changes and you just have to memorize it that way. Let us count up and see the difference:

100= ひゃく
200= にひゃく
300= さんびゃ
400= よんひゃく
500= ごひゃく
600= っぴ
700= ななひゃく
800= っぴ
900= きゅうひゃく

As you can see some of the words have been shortened and some of the sounds changed. Now let's count a little bit higher:

1000= せん
2000= にせん
3000= さん
4000= よんせん
5000= ごせん
6000= ろくせん
7000= ななせん
8000= せん
9000= きゅうせん

The sen in 3000 was changed to zen because it is supposedly easier to pronounce.

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