Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Grammar - Unit 2 (Lesson 4)

こんにちは ALL, I'm really sorry for taking so long to add a new lesson. Many things happened but Glory be to Allah, everything is fine now, so let us continue on!
This lesson is just a continuation of the previous so we're still stuck shopping http://www.emocutez.com

The main dialogue for this lesson is:

ヌーラ         : すみません、あの  カメラ いくらですか。
みせの ひと : どれですか。 
ヌーラ         : あの あおい  カメラです。
みせの ひと : あれは 1,500です。
ヌーラ         : その ちいさい カメラは いくらですか。
みせの ひと : 1,000円です。
ヌーラ         : それは どこの カメラですか。
みせの ひと : 日本の です。
ヌーラ         : じゃ、それ 2だい ください。
Noora         : Excuse me, How much is that T-shirt over there?
Salesperson :  Which one?
Noora         :  That blue T-shirt.
Salesperson :  That's 1,500 yen.
Noora         :  How much is that small camera?
Salesperson :  It's 1,000 yen. 
Noora         :  Where is that camera from?
Salesperson :  It's from Japan.
Noora         :  Well then, give me 2 of those.

Now let's take a look at the vocabulary we've used:

 カメラ = Camera
 どれ = Which one あおい = Blue
 = Yen (it is Kanji for えん)
 ちいさい = Small ( おおきい means Big)
 どこ = Where
  =  A particle used to mark an object that is affected by a verb (pronounced 'O').
 だい = A counter used for mechanical objects and household appliances

Next lesson I will explain counters because it is something that you will need to learn in order to ask about different objects. I will also accompany that with some charts to make your lives a lot easier so stay tuned. じゃまた!!!

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