Useful Links

These are a few useful links that might make your Japanese learning journey a lot easier:

  • Lang-8 : A place to post a journal in Japanese and get native speakers' to give you feedback.

  • : Subscribe to get all sorts of information about Japanese language and culture daily.

  • The Japanese Page :  A place with useful videos about Japanese language and culture.

  • Rhino Spike : A site that allows you to place audio requests of Japanese words or sentences to native speakers'. Great way to understand the way to speak.

  • Tofugu : A site about Japanese language and culture with a witty edge.

  • Easy Japanese : A site that explains beginner Japanese in detail but is very easy to understand. It also has game quizzes.

  • Yes Japan : A site that teaches Japanese language in a very simple way using anime characters.

  • Erin's Challenge : A site that teaches common Japanese expressions and aspects of Japanese culture through video & manga.